1. theangelshaveteslasatncis:




    Aren’t we all internet explorers?


    do you mean we all run slow and people don’t like us?

    thats exactly what we are

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  2. passthecocaine:



    Excuse me but what is this doing in the potato tag

    that does not look like a fucking potato to me

    why were you in the potato tag


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  3. It’s the little things that get me through the day.

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  5. I needed this after today. 😊😘

  6. #mcm I swear I love this boy to the moon and back. I love that he’s so passionate about so many things. He makes me so happy. I’ll support him with whatever he wants to do. I love you babe. 😊😍

  7. Pajama day 😊😊 #senior #class2015 #homecomingweek #pajamaday

  8. happiest:

    are people still homophobic? its 2014 not 1962

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